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The Hosts

Mel Herbert , Tom Wolfson, Robert Rosenbloom and Joel Sapp talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumors, the stock price; anything & everything Tesla.


Mel Herbert, MD MBBS FAAEM
Professor, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

When he is not Talking Tesla Mel is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at UCLA and owner and CEO of the education company EM:RAP. Originally from Australia he is filled with existential angst about what we are doing with the planet and is on a mission to educate the world about renewable energy, electric cars and a sustainable way forward. He has owned multiple Tesla’s over the years and this family are currently the proud owners of an X, Y and 3. Through a program he set up for employees he has installed thousands of kilowatts of solar and battery back-up in over 15 installations and thinks they are awesome!  

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Tom Wolfson
Producer/Art Director/Technical Director

A lifetime of photographic experience jammed into 20 short years. Tom started with the idea of traveling to the far off reaches of the planet and taking images of the lives he encountered. Reality set in, he came back to LA and got to work, carried a lot of gear and loaded a lot of film. Tom spent 23 years primarily focused on photographing for the $22 billion toy business. In 2008 he moved into a new role as a Producer of Medical education. Live Conferences, Web Streams, Online Video and Podcasts are what will change the face of Medical Education. EM:RAP is out in front and proudly leading the way with their own style. Always informative and entertaining and occasionally wacky. The style is a bit outside the typical medical education available. The future of education is rapidly moving to new areas and Tom is very excited to be a part of that journey.


Tom is currently happy to have a Tesla in the driveway and is looking forward to adding to his electric fleet soon.



Robert Rosenbloom, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM
Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine 


Robert was drawn to Tesla and the world of renewable energy from a public health and environmental sustainability perspective.  Long a car enthusiast, they were a conflict for him, fun, intriguing but dirty and smelly. He's owned many from guzzlers like his Shelby Mustang 500GT KR, a Trans AM and a 1971 Pantera, to a series of MGs (A, B, B GT) to a classic 1929 Willy's Knight sedan. Ever enjoying the driving experience, add tail pipe-free emissions and Tesla became a dream come true. With his 2012 deposit on a Model S, Robert roared down the rabbit hole of EV enthusiasm. He’s on his 3rd Tesla, a 2020 Model 3 FSD and was an early customer of Solar City.  He’s toured the Tesla Factory more than a handful of times and Gigafactory-1 too, enriching his perspective for the podcast. He serves on the Tesla Owner’s Club, Los Angeles Board of Directors and encourages you to join your local club,



Joel Sapp
Senior Managing Technology Consultant

In between episodes of Talking Tesla and having his battery questions by Elon , Joel works with designers, developers and subject matter experts producing interactive e-learning courseware. He also works to help organizations maximize employee's potential helping them integrate their learning through out their company's hiring and promotion processes. Outside of work, Joel's all time favorite car was his Model S . He and his family crossed much of the continental US from Boston to  Denver and back and from Maine to Florida.  He is. hoping to replace that Model S love with Cyber love sometime soon. 

You shouldn't use Tom or Robert's code, use MEL'S TESLA REFERRAL CODE:







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