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Ep 79 - TESLA gives you EVERYTHING

This episode of Talking Tesla is sponsored in part by WUNDER CAPITAL. DO WELL AND DO GOOD.

Tesla Gives You Everything -

Here’s a screen shot of the PW-2 monitor on an iPhone:

Tesla Model 3 will give ‘superhuman’ safety to driver and be ’10x safer than current cars’, says Tesla analyst Adam Jonas

Elon's Twitter Storm

Model 3 Quirks will not be so tolerated

Software Updates - 

More Money!

tesla parking lot

Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial picture shows latest progress at the battery factory

Tesla SOLAR ROOF - April!

Southern California Edison : Solar Power in Los Angeles and Southern California is About to Change

“Kids suing to save the climate lawsuit” - &  (You might consider donating some cashola to the cause. In fact I contributed $100 and challenge all of Talking Tesla Nation to follow my lead.)

Warehouse Expansion - 

3rd Party HUD's:

Comparing Upper Stage Rocket Engines | The Physics of Spacex

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