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Ep 93 - Model 3 Has Arrived

Tesla introduces new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X

Tesla Driver’s Accelerator Snaps Off While Driving

Model three spotted it in New Zealand, winter testing?

Porsche changes its mind on electric vehicles, plans 50% of its production to be electric within 6 years | Electrek

Hybrid ferry improves efficiency and protects the environment | Electric Vehicles Research

New London Taxi TX5 to make dynamic debut at Goodwood | Auto Express

Cadillac Challenges Tesla With the Super Cruise Self-Driving System

Kangaroos and auto driving

"We've noticed with the kangaroo being in mid-flight when it's in the air, it actually looks like it's further away, then it lands and it looks closer," per Volvo’s Australia technical manager

$7.5 billion Kemper power plant suspends coal gasification – Ars Technica

Is There Really Such a Thing As Clean Coal?

Here’s how many pounds of CO2 our various fuels generate per million Btu units of energy produced, from greatest to least. PLUS What’s the CO2 output from mining/extraction and transportation???

  • Coal (anthracite) — 228.6 Lbs of CO2

  • Coal (bituminous) — 205.7 Lbs of CO2

  • Coal (lignite) — 215.4 Lbs of CO2

  • Coal (subbituminous) — 214.3 Lbs of CO2

  • Diesel fuel and heating oil — 161.3 Lbs of CO2

  • Gasoline — 157.2 Lbs of CO2

  • Propane — 139.0 Lbs of CO2

  • Natural gas — 117.0 Lbs of CO2 METHANE > ½ the CO2 output of Coal

  • Photovoltaic panels (I  recognize there’s CO2 output from Mfg & transportation)

  • Wind Turbines  (I  recognize there’s CO2 output from Mfg & transportation)

  • Sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain.

  • Nitrogen oxide that creates smog, and can burn lung tissue, make asthma worse, and leave people more susceptible to chronic respiratory diseases.

  • Particulates, or haze-producing soot or fly ash, that are a source of chronic bronchitis, make asthma worse, and which can even result in premature death.

Mercury, a heavy metal that causes brain damage and heart problems. Half the man-made mercury in the U.S. comes from coal.

Air Pollution & Dust Cuts Solar Cell Energy Output By Over 25% In Some Parts Of The World, Study Finds | CleanTechnica

How bad for the environment are gas-powered leaf blowers?

A Swedish study released in 2001 showed that one hour of using a gas lawn mower releases approximately the same amount of air pollutants as 100 miles of driving.

Where to plug in? Lack of charging options is a big barrier to electric car adoption in California

SpaceX Scrubbed Sunday’s Launch of the Intelsat-35 AT T-9 SECONDS!

Want To Charge Your Electric Car From Two, 110-Volt Sockets? Think Again

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