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Ep 105 - A Lot Of Junk In The Model 3 Trunk

Model 3 Configurator is eminent

Tesla is working on customer-facing Model 3 design studio as it expands deliveries

Tesla had constructed a configurator for employees:

Model 3 range > 334mi!

Jaguar I-PACE all-electric SUV 2018 announced

Infiniti To Debut Performance EV At In Detroit This January, Arrives In 2019

Tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with AMD for self-driving cars | The Verge

Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial shots and drone video

Townsville is a logical location for new factory | Townsville Bulletin

How solar power can protect the US military from threats to the electric grid - Robert

Shanghai Home To World’s Largest Tesla Supercharger Facility

First seen on

Tesla’s charging stations turning into convenience stops, say CTO JB Straubel

Elon Musk at IAC 2017 in Adelaide

Mars Facts, Fun or Otherwise - (Robert)

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