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Ep 102 - Needed: Half Price Model 3!

Dual Motor and Air Suspension

300,000 miles on a Model S! (Mel)

Model 3 charging news - Tesla Online Store

Solar Car!

Electric Truck beats TESLA to Market?

Aston Martin to go EV

Tesla to Add Dashcam Functionality ‘Soon'

Tesla unlocks 'Level 2' prize: drive an electric tunnel boring machine with The Boring Company

New AI Director

AMAZON New Jersey Rooftop Solar Array

TESLA SOLAR ROOF - will it work

** $6 Billion Nuclear Plant will now be Solar

** Deployment of patented rigid sail and solar power system | Electric Vehicles Research

Began Construction: 9 (4-US, 1-Ireland, 1-Australia, 1-Switzerland, 2-UK)  This includes the Baker 40-stall Supercharger! Construction pictures compliments of OCRyan at

** Exploding Space X

Elon Breaks the Speed record

** Pollution-Free Buses Increasing Statewide (1/2 way down the page)

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