Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk all things Tesla.

Ep 87 - Robert Talks To Elon

Supercharging For All ??   

Toyota and EV’s

Tesla Gigafactory 2 readies for production of solar products to begin this summer

Renewable Energy Is Unstoppable, Declares Financial Times (The Big Green Bang: How Renewable Energy Became Unstoppable)

China Completes Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

LEGO 100% Renewable!

Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts | Environment | The Guardian

Cremated Remains to the Heavens on SpaceX Rocket launch at Vandenberg

Hyperloop & Tesla’s Boring Tunnels


Mars-like soil makes super strong bricks when compressed (what about subterranean Los Angeles soil?)

Autonomous robot 3D printers like this could help build homes for us on other planets

Watch People With Accents Confuse the Hell Out of AI Assistants

Links from Listener Letters:

Name: Andy Kremer

Subject: Some very interesting info on renewable energy sources and the future of mankind

Name: Alan Benson

Subject: The beer does stay colder with the power on - Solar & Storage WA farmers Guardian article

Article from the Guardian...

Name: John Ford

Subject: Babcock Ranch - town going 100% solar

Name: Pat

Subject:Solar Shading

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