Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk all things Tesla.

Ep 90 - Who Needs Mel?

Tesla Surpasses BMW to Become the 4th Most Valuable Car Company in the World

Project Loveday submissions deadline was 6/5/17

 Link below to a list of the submissions (on reddit)

A continuous feed of the 48-videos listed: 

Hyundai to increase Ioniq Electric production by 50% after higher demand

Tesla joins the Fortune 500


Autonomous cars (no human backup) may hit the road next year - from Joel Sapp (via twitter)

Vehicle-To-Grid Discharge, Even At Constant Power, Is Detrimental To EV Battery Performance, Study Finds

Prince (the artist) Was a Patron of Solar Power  

Sørkjosen Norway which will become the world's most northern supercharger site and has enjendered it’s own reddit page:

SpaceX & Aerospace

Earth's Sister Moons

Here's What Emergency Medicine Will Look Like for Astronauts in Space

App & Media Pick of the Week

1st-Ever High-Speed Footage of Lightning Striking a Building  

Masters of Scale - entertaining podcast interviewing 50/50 tech leaders and I heard many enjoyable


Name: Aaron Snyder

Subject: Cali and China


Name: Trent Eady

Subject: HyperchangeTV: amazing Tesla videos

I want to recommend a little-known YouTube channel, HyperchangeTV, that makes amazing videos about Tesla from a financial perspective. My favourite: Thought the Talking Tesla nation might enjoy these videos as much as I do.  The URL: