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Ep 147 - Talking Tesla Not Weekly





  • Tesla begins to unlock V2 Supercharger’s 145 kW charge rate in new software roll out

  • Supercharger Report:

Open 19 Ury, France (10) Hotel Novotel Fontainebleau

Perth, AU

Construction 10

Permit 6



  • April 7 - 8 : Falcon Heavy • Arabsat 6A 2236-0035 GMT on 7th/8th (6:36-8:35 p.m. EDT on 7th) Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch the Arabsat 6A communications satellite for Arabsat of Saudi Arabia. Arabsat 6A will provide Ku-band and Ka-band communications coverage over the Middle East and North Africa regions, as well as a footprint in South Africa. Delayed from first half of 2018 and late 2018. Delayed from March. [March 22]

  • April 25 Falcon 9 • SpaceX CRS 17 Launch time: 1020 GMT (6:20 a.m. EDT) Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the 19th Dragon spacecraft mission on its 17th operational cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station. The flight is being conducted under the Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. Delayed from Nov. 16, Feb. 1, Feb. 17 and March 16.

  • May 16 :Falcon 9 • Radarsat Constellation Mission SLC-4E, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Radarsat Constellation Mission for the Canadian Space Agency and MDA. Consisting of three radar Earth observation spacecraft launching on a single rocket, the Radarsat Constellation Mission is the next in a series of Canadian Radarsat satellites supporting all-weather maritime surveillance, disaster management and ecosystem monitoring for the Canadian government and international users. Delayed from November Feb. 18 and March. [March 13]

  • May 27 : Falcon 9 • Amos 17 Launch window: TBD Launch site: Cape Canaveral, Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Amos 17 communications satellite. Built by Boeing and owned by Spacecom Ltd. of Israel, Amos 17 will provide high-throughput broadband connectivity and other communications services over Africa, the Middle East and Europe. [Dec. 13]

  • June : Falcon Heavy • STP-2 Launch window: TBD Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch the U.S. Air Force’s Space Test Program-2 mission with a cluster of military and scientific research satellites. The heavy-lift rocket is formed of three Falcon 9 rocket cores strapped together with 27 Merlin 1D engines firing at liftoff. Delayed from October 2016, March 2017 and September 2017. Delayed from April 30, June 13, Oct. 30 and Nov. 30. Delayed from April.

  • July 8 : Falcon 9 • SpaceX CRS 18 Launch window: TBD Launch site: Cape Canaveral, Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the 20th Dragon spacecraft mission on its 18th operational cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station. The flight is being conducted under the Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. Delayed from May 7. [Jan. 16]

  • July 25 : Falcon 9 • Crew Dragon Demo 2Launch time: TBD Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch a Crew Dragon spacecraft on its first test flight with astronauts on-board to the International Space Station under the auspices of NASA’s commercial crew program. NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will fly on the Demo-2 mission. The Crew Dragon will return to a splashdown at sea. Delayed from June. [March 22]

Not SpaceX

  • Spring 2019 : LauncherOne • Inaugural Flight Launch window: TBD Launch site: Cosmic Girl (Boeing 747), Mojave Air and Space Port, California A Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket will made its first orbital test flight after dropping from a modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. [Dec. 13]



Ep 121 - 2018: A Space X Odyssey

Rick Perry’s Plan to Rescue Struggling Coal and Nuclear Plants Is Rejected

Analyst Report: The Economic Case For The Tesla Semi-Truck

Death of the American Trucker - Rolling Stone

The Robot’s income tax was proposed by Bill Gates. Elon & Zuckerberg promote Universal Basic Income  

California invested heavily in solar power. Now there's so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it - LA Times (great article!)

U.S. Spy Satellite Believed Lost After SpaceX Mission Fails

SpaceX President breaks silence on rumored Zuma mission failure &

Ep 120 - Model 3 QC?

Ep 117 - Space Out With Robert And Tom

Notes from Robert:

Hear ye, hear ye,

All Talking Tesla listeners in the LA area, come join me at the Culver City City Council - Boring Co. informational meeting Monday 1/8/18 at 7pm. The Boring Company will present on their proposed plan to dig under the city to begin phase one of an extensive transportation tunnel system from Long Beach to the San Fernando Valley with spurs to downtown LA and more (discussed last week on Ep 116). Come hear from the horse’s mouth! While in Culver City enjoy a great dinner at one of the many eateries. There’s a Supercharger near by too.

If you cant join us, I encourage you to also voice your support either in person or by posting feedback on the city’s website:

I look forward to meeting lots of Elon supporters and advocating for the Boring Co to begin “The Loop” to relieve our stifling traffic and bring more sustainable transport to Los Angeles.

Vandenberg SpaceX Launch Meetup:

I enjoyed watching a Vandenberg launch from 8-miles away from LC-4 at an open lot on the Lompoc Airport property. A large croWd had gathered and cars were lined up on George Miller Drive. An alternate location is a Walmart parking lot near by, a dot marks the spot (34.6663959, -120.4600735):

Tesla fulfils bucket list of dying man by delivering his Model 3 early

Web reservations given priority over line standers? | Tesla Motors Club

Ex-Top Gear Co-Host Jeremy Clarkson Changes His Tune About Tesla

Electric Buses for Everyone!

Tesla Semi receives important order of 100 electric trucks from PepsiCo | Electrek

Autonomous helicopter completes Marine resupply simulation

Residential, utility solar installation falls due to investment trends, Tesla

Return, return, return: CRS-13 mission marks triple-play in terms of SpaceX reuse

Watch Blue Origin's New Shepard 2.0 Spacecraft Soar in 1st Test Flight

Ep 116 - Model 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

Be sure to check out Mel & Tom’s YouTube postings of their ordering the Model 3:

Ex Volkswagen executive jailed in US amid diesel scandal - BBC News

Investors wean themselves off oil as electric future beckons - Reuters

Workhorse electric truck could be the next USPS delivery vehicle-Robert &

2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV preview

Beer and Electric Trucks

Tesla Semi receives large order of 50 electric trucks from Sysco | Electrek

Lots of good info out there in regards to buses and trucks going Electric

Rich Are Officially Cut Off From California’s Electric Vehicle Rebates

Tesla defeats car dealer association in Missouri court | Electrek - Robert



PRESENTATION: Proposed Transportation Tunnel

City Council meeting on Monday, January 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

The Boring Company has proposed a transportation tunnel underneath the Westside of Los Angeles, including underneath Sepulveda Boulevard through Culver City. Representatives will present the company's proposal at a City Council meeting on January 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m (NOTE DATE CHANGE) at City Hall, Mike Balkman Council Chambers, 9770 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.

I invite all of Talking Tesla Nation in the Los Angeles area and anyone else who supports such a forward transportation plan to come, join me at the Council Meeting to show support!


Elon Musk releases plans for tunnel transportation system: Long Beach to Valley at 125 mph


Ep 115 - Much Ado About Batteries

Tesla Semi gets 10 more electric truck orders from delivery giant DHL, bringing reported total to ~200 -

Watch the semi in action:

Tesla’s VP of Trucks talks about new electric semi, weight, charging, and more -

See my YouTube video of the many Semi (wind tunnel) models:

At the LA Auto Show Tesla Energy is powering this “House of the future”

Impact@Tesla Tote Bag

The ePrix is back & DS Virgin Racing driver Sam Bird clinched victory in Round One of the Hong Kong E-Prix

Tesla switches on giant battery to shore up Australia's grid

Elon Musk says he is launching a Tesla Roadster into space. Really? | Electrek


Ep 114 - Manual Leakage

Ep 113 - Semi vs. Roadster

Robert's Videos from the Tesla Semi and Roadster Event:

SEMI -  aka. BAMF

  • 500 mile range w/ 80,000 lb load (Max legal limit)

  • 400 mi of range charge in 30 minutes - roughly 1.6 MW charging or about more than 10 times more powerful than Tesla’s current Superchargers.

    • Speculation:

    • Double the voltage to 960V

    • 6x the amperage via 4x larger charge port

    • I expect they’ll have to cool the cable & handle

  • Single seat was what they showed us with 2-screens

  • $1.26 per mile, compared with $1.51 per mile in a diesel truck, and when platooning 3-trucks $0.85/mile “cheaper than rail transport”!

  • 4 independent electric motors on rear axles – enabling insane torque for a 0 to 60 mph acceleration with a full load (80,000 Lbs) in 20 seconds.

Roadster (the original)

  • First versions (Roadster 1.5, 2 & 2.5) began deliveries in 2008 - Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in over 30 countries - According to the U.S. EPA, the Roadster can travel 244 miles - US$112,000 - Tesla produced the Roadster until January 2012

  • Tesla ordered 2,500 gliders from Lotus - Where are those 50 gliders? Being held for parts - used for testing?

  • Roadster 3.0 (Summer 2016) was an upgrade/refresh package


  • included a new 80 kWh battery (increased the original 240 mi range -> 340 mi), aero body kit, change of tire type for decreased rolling resistance


Roadster Deux, more accurately 4.0 is due out in 2020, aka. Next Gen Roadster, #NGR

  • 1.9 sec 0 - 60 MPH & 1 - 100 MPH 4.2 sec  = WHIPLASH, seeing stars, syncope!

  • Lower coefficient of friction than a Bugatti Chiron

  • Top speed 250 MPH (402 kPH)

  • 620 miles (1000 km) of range

  • 200 kwh battery in a small footprint. Floorboard is higher than the original roadster, opinions are that Tesla has stacked 2-100 kWh battery trays

  • $250,000 for founders - 1000 limit “specs will exceed those announced” but they were not specific. Emile, the demonstration driver, said “this never gets old”.

  • $200,000 for standard super car - no limit announced

  • $250 million $$ interest free loan from founder’s deposits

How long till they announce it is sold out? They won’t say much till then

Next Gen Roadster rides were given to those who placed $5000 deposits, >60 rides were given! I heard of numerous others placing orders online Thurs. night.


How big a battery &

Wal-Mart Joins Retailers Planning to Try Out Tesla Truck

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Places Order For "Multiple" Tesla Semi Trucks | CleanTechnica

BMW two issue stop sale and voluntary recall for all US i3

Go to Kettleman City & Have The Barista Pull You an Espresso & Supercharge

100 Women: The women who sew for Nasa - BBC News

Hyperloop Startup Arrivo Has Plans For High-Speed Colorado Tube Train Network - Forbes

The EPA is rewriting the most important number in climate economics - Calculating behaviour

Ep 112 - Reveal This

Tesla quietly adds native Siri integration to remotely control electric car with iOS app

The Tesla Parking Lot Instagram Page is BACK!

Ford inks $765 million deal to build electric vehicles in China

China is considering a relaxation of the partnership mandate in order to woo more stubborn EV makers like Tesla.

Daimler unveils its first all-electric school bus, hits production in 2019 with over 100 miles of range-Robert

Lion, a Quebec-based school bus manufacturer, also offers an increasingly popular electric school bus.

The Long Road to Safer School Buses

Workhorse CEO: $300 million in preorders for plug-in hybrid pickup trucks-Robert


Recall the funny/cute looking “pod car,” without a steering wheel or pedals, retired YouTube: & another from Feb:

Tesla deploys new computer vision capability as it increases Autopilot data-gathering effort

Biggest lithium mining operations could be in Australia-Robert

Tesla Energy Will Be Supplementing Another Island’s Power Grid - Nantucket

Supercharger - Kettleman City-







Ep 111 - Elon's Inferno

This is the time to TAKE ACTION, contact your Member in the House of Representatives and have all all voters concerned with climate change and access to EVs and American Industry (just not the oil & gas industry) to call or write in with your concerns. Find your Representative’s contact information here:

Tesla 2017 Q3 earnings Call

How to approach buying a Tesla or any electric car with the proposed end of $7,500 tax credit next month

Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change

The timing of report will put the American delegation in a sticky spot at an annual United Nations climate change conference beginning Monday in Bonn, Germany, given President Trump’s decision to walk away from the 195-nation Paris climate accord.

Robert's Media Pick - Here’s an amazing media pic, the last 20 minutes of this CBS 60 minutes episode about a guy who spent time in a federal penitentiary and is now a Georgetown University law professor. A really inspirational story:

Ep 110 - Model 3 Deep Dive



Model 3 Owners Club 1 hour video of the model 3


Tesla installs Powerpack and Powerwall batteries at hospital in 🇵🇷

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory Campfire Is the Hottest Event of the Year


8/17/2017 Case Dropped

  • 8/15/2016 by The Wagner Firm

3/28/2014 Case Bao v. SolarCity Corporation et al  

Then SSC fought back:
SolarCity Seeks $663K In Fees After Investor Suit Dismissal

City-Size Lunar Lava Tube Could House Future Astronaut Residents

SpaceX Launch - Falcon 9

500 Yards Done

Ep 109 - A Lot Of Hats

Ep 108 - 1 Trillion Dollar Idea

Ep 107 - Model 3 Misfire

Model 3 Delivery Misfire

Tesla replaces Model 3 headlights, battery, seats, and more while going through ‘production hell’

Get your fix of the Tesla Model 3 via Video Tour by OCDetailing 

Hidden Interior Features:

Hidden Exterior Features:

BYD Expands Factory to Ramp Up Electric Bus Production

GM Says TESLA cannot do level 5 with current hardware

World Solar Challenge goes live: Solar cars racing from north to south across Australia

Ep 106 - Elon's BFR

Watch Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveil progress on world’s largest battery


Tesla aids Puerto Rico in relief efforts, sends Powerwall systems to help restore power

The BIG MARS and EARTH Announcement

WIRED why TESLA plan might work but probably wont!

Lockheed Martin trumps SpaceX Mars plans as Elon Musk cancels press conference

Tesla Model 3 test drives bring laughter at the Gigafactory as deliveries are going east

Is Coast to Coast in an Electric Car Currently Viable?

BMW 530e iPerformance will come with wireless charging in 2018

Toyota and Mazda are making a new company to develop electric cars

Ep 105 - A Lot Of Junk In The Model 3 Trunk

Model 3 Configurator is eminent

Tesla is working on customer-facing Model 3 design studio as it expands deliveries

Tesla had constructed a configurator for employees:

Model 3 range > 334mi!

Jaguar I-PACE all-electric SUV 2018 announced

Infiniti To Debut Performance EV At In Detroit This January, Arrives In 2019

Tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with AMD for self-driving cars | The Verge

Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial shots and drone video

Townsville is a logical location for new factory | Townsville Bulletin

How solar power can protect the US military from threats to the electric grid - Robert

Shanghai Home To World’s Largest Tesla Supercharger Facility

First seen on

Tesla’s charging stations turning into convenience stops, say CTO JB Straubel

Elon Musk at IAC 2017 in Adelaide

Mars Facts, Fun or Otherwise - (Robert)

Ep 104 - Baby Driver

Coffee vs. climate change: The news is not good – Ars Technica

Robert’s Media Pick: Wind River with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen

Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Collectively Reveal Future Plans, Including 12 Pure EVs

Tesla increases Model 3 deliveries to employees and insiders ahead of customer deliveries


Mobile Swap Again?

Tesla Turns off Automatic Emergency Braking in Some Newer Models &

Batteries, Gigafactory, Energy Storage

Tesla starts solar cell production at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, raises annual capacity goal to 2 GW

During Irma’s Power Outages, Some Houses Kept The Lights On With Solar And Batteries

Four Radical Plans to Save Civilization From Climate Change

China 1000 superchargers

MARS here we come, and the game plan for SpaceX

The SpaceX Mic Drop-2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

HOLY CRAP!! This is a big battery









Ep 103 - Superchargers And Powerwalls For Everyone

National Drive Electric Week is going international. Celebrate and learn more about EVs at an event near you  

Nissan Leaf EV enters 10,000-mile Mongol Rally

All in all an amazing accomplishment


Former FEMA chief: It's not about climate change anymore, 'it's about climate adaptation' | TheHill (Robert)

China's Fossil Fuel Deadline Shifts Focus to Electric Car Race

Chinese EV supercar maker is prepping an all-electric SUV

Tesla updates Model S interior with new back seats | Electrek

krtrice RedIt contributor provided pics of his MS delivered in Chicago 3d ago
& here are more photos:

LG Chem Investing $387 Million Into Europe’s Largest EV Battery Factory (In Poland)

A Tunisian Energy Company Wants to Pipe Electricity from the Sahara to Europe

Fully Renewable Possible? (NPR Science Friday, a cool show!)

A German medium-sized company is fully committed to electric mobility and plans on the A8 a gigantic e-car filling station. Thousands of cars should be able to be loaded every day

SpaceX squeaks in another launch and land ahead of Hurricane Irma

Elon Musk Adds $5 Billion to His Fortune After SpaceX Soars - Bloomberg

Here’s Elon Musk’s Vision for the First Manned SpaceX Flight

2,300 MPH Hyperloop!


Chemical spills that happened in Houston which support our ICE habit:

Ep 102 - Needed: Half Price Model 3!

Dual Motor and Air Suspension

300,000 miles on a Model S! (Mel)

Model 3 charging news - Tesla Online Store

Solar Car!

Electric Truck beats TESLA to Market?

Aston Martin to go EV

Tesla to Add Dashcam Functionality ‘Soon'

Tesla unlocks 'Level 2' prize: drive an electric tunnel boring machine with The Boring Company

New AI Director

AMAZON New Jersey Rooftop Solar Array

TESLA SOLAR ROOF - will it work

** $6 Billion Nuclear Plant will now be Solar

** Deployment of patented rigid sail and solar power system | Electric Vehicles Research

Began Construction: 9 (4-US, 1-Ireland, 1-Australia, 1-Switzerland, 2-UK)  This includes the Baker 40-stall Supercharger! Construction pictures compliments of OCRyan at

** Exploding Space X

Elon Breaks the Speed record

** Pollution-Free Buses Increasing Statewide (1/2 way down the page)

Ep 101 - 5 Million Teslas

check ‘Your Model 3 Delivery Estimate’ at




Model 3 Battery Pack

Model 3 Depreciation

Tesla Model 3: Exclusive first look at Tesla’s new battery pack architecture


  • Expect model Y late 2019

Autopilot -

Kill all the Animals!

Tesla’s Push to Build a Self-Driving Car Sparked Dissent Among Its Engineers

NT Government signs Memorandum of Understanding to build lithium battery plant in Darwin | NT News

Space X -

The Boring Company Green Light

SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod speed competition winner tops 200 MPH

Watch the Pod POV video:


VW engineer gets prison, $200,000 fine in diesel scandal

Virginia is Getting a Little TESLA Action

Electric Ships



From Elon about Subsidies