Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk all things Tesla.

Ep 75 - Tesla "world's biggest company"

The big focus this week is on the Tesla Earnings Call. Aside from the obvious financial discussions, the most exciting news (in Mel's mind) is the announcement that Tesla plans to accelerate the expansion of the Supercharger network this year, starting with doubling the number of North American Supercharger locations in 2017. There is much speculation about future Gigafactories. In other news this week, Grandpa (Mel's father-in-law) got a BOLT and he really likes it! Tom took his daughter to "B.R.A.K.E.S.", a teen pro-active driving school and he reports back on how excellent the experience was. And Mel reveals his desires to install the Tesla Solar Roof tiles on the new studio's roof.