Talking Tesla

Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom talk all things Tesla.

Ep 94 - Any Color, As Long As It's Black

A huge week in Talking Tesla Nation! The Model 3! SN1 arrived on Saturday, Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis was in line to receive the first car, but passed its rights to Elon Musk as a 46th birthday present. Other big EV news is that Volvo announced that all Volvos will have some electric motor, hybrid or full EV from 2019. In Battery news, TESLA energy is about to install the world's biggest battery backup in the world, by a factor of 3 (130 MWH) in 100 days...or forfeit about 50 million! Lots of other renewable energy, autonomous driving, and EV discussions this week.

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